#15 – White Devil

| November 15, 2012 | 2 Comments

White Devil (aka The Fly Gwai Lo)  is a supervillain whose face is an oni-style devil mask and whose most treasured weapon is his nice-ass suit. He imagines himself as a pretty funny guy, a “‘high on life’ type”. A former ‘economic hit man’ affiliated with the IMF and World Bank, he was transformed by Edam pu Eman after boasting that he could sell anything to anyone even as a literal devil. She obliged him, but rather than feeling properly cursed, he thinks it’s pretty awesome, and now he just runs around conning people into deals that are terrible for them. He never stops thanking Edam for what she did to him. It’s honestly kind of disturbing.

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  1. erwin says:

    awesome concept, awesome design man

    i was crackin up after fly gwai lo

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