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As usual i’m getting behind in uploading the drawings and actually doing them. well thats life. Lets play catchup.

Day 01

A quick little school teacher, done in markers.

Day 02:

A mother and her baby.

Day 03:

A little unicorn

Day 04:

The pirate king Fealthroop, a dreaded man of the seaven seas

Day 05:

A man of magic… his name Mike

Day 06:

Just another little hippie dude.

Day 07:

a boy and his kid sister

Day 08:

Death and the baby

Day 09

A villain in seach of at Hero

Day 10:


Day 11:

Not the best sorceress i’ve ever done…

day 12:

Another scourge of the seaven seas.


That concludes catchup no. 1 lets see when its time for no. 02.

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  1. Nycteris says:

    They all have so much character!
    I really like your style!

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