Day Fourteen – The Tacit Approval

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NAME: The Tacit Approval

I am a day behind with 30 Characters because I went to Pittsburgh yesterday to see Neil Gaiman give a lecture on 15 years of Stardust (it was an excellent time as you can see). I will have my fifteenth character up in a few hours once I figure out something in Photoshop (or, more likely, have my brother show me how to do it).

The Tacit Approval originally was going to be a superhero crouched on a wall watching someone get mugged. He wouldn’t move to intervene. He’d just watch. Then I thought, “What kind of hero is that? Or villain? Of whom is he approving, the victim or the criminal? And what the hell would one wear to a gig like that?”

So I changed him into your douchebag boyfriend who leaps across your dog (not shown) to get to the TV to catch the Game. He comes complete with douchebag hat, Pabst Blue Ribbon, cut-off shorts and pirate boots. Just because. He doesn’t want to talk about your feeling because he knows you know he loves you. Besides, the Game.

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