10 – Richter Corvin, The Demon of Barovia

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The  elder Prince of Ligothia, a territory on the outskirts of Barovia, haunted as the survivor of a war that he never actually attended. What befell him during his supposed time in the Barovan Conflict remains a mystery, but he returned dead inside, turned to drink and prone to bouts of night terrors and almost catatonic despair. His father, Duke Alfonz of Ligothia, already displeased with his oldest son’s laziness and arrogance before the war, passed the family inheritance on to the second child in an unprecedented move. Richter, in a fit of rage, murdered his calculating and callous wife that very night and fled the kingdom.

Some said that, as he fled uncontested by the superstitious guards of the palace, he loped along the main street on all fours, a sheet of his wife’s blood raining from his jaws, off into a sudden bank of fog…

Category: 2012, Fantasy, Horror

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