#15 and #16 – Alice and Minotaur

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A high school dropout and perennial bully, Alice works as security for the illegal hack shop known as Stygia. Basically, it’s up to her to remove anyone that the owner doesn’t want in the shop — not always an easy task, given the nature of Stygia’s customers. Alice is an unsubtle, pushy lout, and she gets along with Morry, who tends the counter, like a couple of cats in a sack. At best, the two act like argumentative siblings.

Alice’s partner, Minotaur, is a perfect fit for her. A creature of sheer physical force, Minotaur’s main strategy in combat is to simply pick the enemy up and throw them as far as possible. In a pinch, it can use its heavy cubic shape as a full-body hammer attack, but for the most part, Alice doesn’t ask for anything but sheer bulldozer force.

For these two, the RNG threw out Modern Art, Cube, Four Legs, Horns, Animal Ears, and Facial Hair. And now that I think of it, I should’ve given the critter a goat beard! Gah, totally slipped my mind. Oh well.

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