Day 16: Mocha

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Mocha is the polka-dot enthusiast that lives nearby Wowster’s old mansion. Shy and not much of a talker, she barely ever leaves the house. This is because Mocha has a phobia of opening things. She can not open doors and she has a closet (that remains open) filled with old gifts she couldn’t bear to tear. She enjoys polka dots because they remind her of pre-made holes, the only way she can get anything done in her life. For the same reason, Her favorite cheese is Swiss.

She finds Wowster quite dashing and tries her best to visit for tea when she can hire someone to open her front door.

In one of his stories, Wowster prepares a special pair of trousers to help solve Mocha’s fear.

((Once again I tried to make a more storybook feel here. This turned out better than yesterday. I need to redraw Wowster.))

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