#15 – Gordon Hillman

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Everyone wishes they were a superhero, that they had the abilities to fly, to be invulnerable. But not everyone gets to live that life. Gordon Hillman was obsessed with superheroes as a child, but he never manifested, never developed any superhuman abilities. Although some of his competitors swear he isn’t entirely human.

A compulsive workaholic and businessman, Hillman is the Chairman & CEO ADX Industries, a business conglomerate that has began as a chemical and construction company, and currently has interests in oil and gas, airlines, manufacturing and biochemistry. He is reportedly worth in upwards of $30 billion, and many observers say he has the chance to near the title of Richest man in the World.

Gordon is a major philanthropist and investor, but he’s become more famous for what he’s done over the last five years. A near-compulsive gambler and competitor, Gordon’s dream to be a hero didn’t wane with age, and, when he turned 45, Gordon decided to get himself as close to being a superhero as he possibly could. Gordon created his own team of heroes, “Team ADX”, five high-profile heroes sponsored and supported by Gordon’s largesse. Gordon runs the team almost like a sports franchise. All members of Team ADX live lavish lifestyles, but much conversation has been made about whether or not a “sponsored” group of superheroes can really do the job honestly, or if they are simply paid mercenaries. The high-profile group, full of young heroes, has only been in existence for three years now, and recently inked a deal for a season-long all-access reality TV show showing their lives and work.

Gordon can never be found far from his heroes. He considers himself an “honorary” member of the team, and is can always be found trying to soak up as much of their reflected glory as he can.

Like any good businessman, Gordon made his money by being as cutthroat as he can. He is immensely egocentric, highly charming, and fancies himself a renaissance man like Hemingway. Always on the move, his desire to be as much of a superhero as he possibly can extends to his love life as well, Gordon has been in relationships with several starlets and superheroines over the years, and due to his influence with Team ADX, believes himself as much a part of the superhero community as anyone with powers.

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