#17 – Warren Smith

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In the near future evolution has pushed mankind in a new direction.

You know that old saying that, we only use ten percent of our brains potential? Well turns out that’s true. Over the last twenty-three years kids have been growing up and developing mind reading abilities. Only one in ten thousand newborns ever develop the abilities and then of those that do they are broken down into one of ten levels of categorization.

One being the most common and with most minor attributes, they can read tiny chunks of thoughts and emotions of others in a very close proximity to them, but this leaves them feeling weak and in some cases with bleeding eyes. A level ten however can read thoughts clearly and precisely from anyone within a hundred miles, they can glimpse parts of the near future and thus seem to have perfect reflexes and reactions to things around them. Reports say they may have even more potential; though of the three cases of level tens none have lived pasted the age of fourteen.

Warren Smith is a level three. He can read minds around him clearly and precisely if he focuses and concentrates, this ability is pretty much all he has going for him. At twenty-three Warren was one of the very first psychic kids born, but as a level three was soon forgot about as level fives and sixes become more commonplace.

Warren was a slacker back in school and coasted by on the fact he was the only psi kid in his local community. Flunking out of college he ended up taking a job as a security guard for a local bank, they liked the idea of having a mind reader on guard for any threats. The jobs easy and pays well but Warren is bored to death of it. When he learnt he had psychic abilities as a kid he thought he’d grow up to be some kind of hero, not stood around looking after rich peoples money. He just wanted some excitement.

They say you should be careful what you wish for. Warren is about to learn that lesson. An armed and professional gang of thieves has just walked through the doors to the bank he is supposed to be protecting, and Warren is too busy reading the mind of the hot blonde in the paying in queue to notice them.

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