Day 17: Scooter Bloomer

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Scooter is Wowster’s “favorite” cousin or at least Scooter likes to think .The truth is, with much of his family overseas and in far off places, Scooter is the only relative that lives nearby. EIther way, the two cousins enjoy each others’ company and Scooter is often called over for a cup of tea, a pint, a smoke, etc.

Scooter is a bit of an odd ball like his cousin, being obsessive and the proud owner of a ridiculous amount of bloomers. Though not a mad steam-punk like scientist like Wowster, Scooter does hand-sew his own bloomers and they come in many creative fabulous styles.

Besides his large bloomer collection, Scooter is also famous for his deep baritone voice. It is known to be very smooth and wraps around you like a blanket of stimulating verbal cashmere.

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