Nefertem- full bloom

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Nefertem defends against all that would bring harm to his creation with great vigilance, and his ferocity comes from the thriving energies of life itself. Calm docile, and kind by nature , Nefertem is not to be trifled with when angered.

Embracing his inner ferocity, Nefertem can unveil the form which he dons for war- a majestic white lion. In this form, his powers bloom, infinite , and boundless-ready to reign his righteous fury on any that would dare defile what he loves.

Nefertem’s grace and power in battle is both admired and feared by gods and demons alike, for there is no other being that fights with the fiery passion he possesses.


“The full bloomed lotus represents the vast primal energies of life. It’s relentless vigor, It’s passion to grow, and it’s will to survive.”

“I hold the furies of life itself in my hand, and I’ll destroy all who seek to desecrate my creations. ” -Nefertem

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