#16 Googly Eyes Jones

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Name: Googly Eyes Jones

Place of origin: Unknown

Occupation: Criminal – enforcement and security

Legal status: Convicted criminal, currently no outstanding warrants for his arrest

Identity: Secret

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: None

Group affiliation: Various crime families

Base of operations: East coast of USA

History: Not much is known about Googly Eyes Jones before he received his superpowers. There have been hints over the years that he was a much smaller man and the onset of his superstrength and invulnerability radically altered his appearance.

It is not clear if his criminal career was already in place before his transformation, but after it, he found work as a leg breaker and extortionist for various organized crime families. He is known for being a man of his word and views orders to break a word that he has given very, very poorly.

Jones has crossed paths Trinity Red, but Jones lack of necrolife means that Trinity Red felt little need to follow up on his interference with Jones’s criminal activity. Jones still found Trinity Red annoying, however.

Jones occasionally does odd jobs for Maggie Ravenlock. The magic business occasionally overlaps with the gray market, and Jones owes Maggie a large debt.

Jones gets on very well with his fellow criminal thugs, the Testosterclones. They tend to work for supervillains more often than he does, but they have enjoyed each other when a job brings them together.

The sometimes boss of the Testosterclones, Glitterbang, holds Googly Eyes Jones in contempt. It is not clear if it his appearance or screwy sense of honor that annoys her.

Story role: A medium or low-level antagonist. He is usually involved with crime at someone else’s request rather than instigating it himself, so heroes will usually run into him as a minion rather than a boss.

Height: Very tall

Body type: Freakishly over-muscled

Known superpowers: Superstrength, invulnerability

Limitations: Jones is willing to hurt or kill to serve his ends, but not driven to it as an end in and of itself. Under the right conditions, he can be talked into another course of action.

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