#17 Seven of Cups

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Names: Seven of Cups, Philip Gianakos

Place of origin: Newark, New Jersey, USA

Occupation: Orthodox Priest

Legal status: Citizen in good standing of the USA

Identity: Secret

Marital status: Married

Known relatives: None

Group affiliation: Tarot Men

Base of operations: Newark, New Jersey, USA

History: While never as centralized as Catholic efforts, the Orthodox Christians maintained their own traditions in dealing with the demonic and the dead. Among those that were a group that organized themselves with the names of the deck of playing cards called the Tarot, the Tarot Men. (The Tarot Men of generally of the opinion that later association of the Tarot with the occult is a symptom of the stupidity of the English speaking world.)

Philip has helped out the current Trinity Red with information and the occasional safe haven. He has also helped Trinity Red deal with the Sinner on a couple of occasions. Despite this, the men are at best only acquaintances.

Philip does not realize it, but he knew Googly Eyes Jones before that man got superpowers.

Philip purchased the Book of Unpleasant Truths and Useful Lies from Maggie Ravenlock. After reading its contents, he reluctantly passed it on to Queen Icarus along with some instructions.

Story role: Seven of Cups is a support character. He can help a protagonist with information, resources, or combat assistance but does not have enough going on himself to carry a story.

Height: Tall

Body type: Athletic – swordsman

Known superpowers: Some holy power and artifacts

Limitations: Seven is primarily a priest, not a fighter. While he could handle a single undead with preparation, dealing with a group or a surprise attack would probably get him killed.

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