#18 Legendary

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“Earthquakes and rain, hail, snow, locusts and bees — all of the above is caused by the dopest MCs” – Jay Electronica

The pod containing abstract creation material (we would probably refer to it as “genetic”) shot off into space, its planet of launch destroyed as per the Protocols of Ta’aru. Rather than a radical arts festival, however, the pod landed in the notorious Carter Projects, the only remaining criminal community in the near-utopia of New Kemet. The material assembled itself into an infant and was found by a couple of 5 Percenters, who saw him as a gift from the U-N-I-Verse and adopted the infant as their own.

Born in New Kemet, he is the Champion of the Zulu Nation, which runs things in the eastern seaboard of North America. Having mastered the traditional 5 Elements at an early age, and having fought through all 36 chambers, he is treated as a god even among the Gods and Earths of the 5 Percent Nation, the Zulu’s ruling elite. He is that dude. He knows the day’s mathematics. He is the boss of bosses. He is Legendary.

He possesses the usual powers of a Champion of Ta’aru: flight, superhuman strength and durability, heightened senses, an inquisitive, activist nature, and the ability to focus his chi into energy that can be projected. His ‘Special’ is the ability to affect reality by the use of rhythmic speech. As a True Skool MC, he’s developed this ability far beyond what Ta’aru intended. Depending on how he rhymes, he can affect physical forces, bodies, or someone’s mindstate. When his voice is recorded and reproduced, he can only affect the bodies and minds of listeners, not external forces.

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