#18 Queen Icarus

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Name: Queen Icarus, Molly Nikas

Place of origin: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Occupation: Professional Superhero

Legal status: Citizen of good standing of the USA

Identity: Publically Known

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: Father John Nikas, Son Jack Nikas, Son Johnny Green

Group affiliation: None

Base of operations: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

History: The only daughter of inventor John Nikas, Molly grew up in his lab as his assistant. When John was kidnapped alongside a dozen other inventors by a crime boss, Boss Clockwork, who wanted them to build him weapons, Molly threw together some of her father’s inventions and went to free him. Among those items was a flight harness that included a set of golden wings that her father had not yet shown to the public. After she freed her father, Molly spent the next several months with the help of her father freeing the rest of the inventors. Eventually, her war with Boss Clockwork culminated with his arrest and her revealing her secret identity to the public.

Molly has had a long and colorful superhero career. She has fought beside and had an on-again-off-again romantic relationship with the current Trinity Red. Her relationship with super-public nuisance Basketcase has had even wider swings. In his calmer moments, she found him charming. At his worse, she handed him over to the police in disgust.

Her personal life intersected with her superhero life again when it came to her sons. The oldest, Jack, is the paradox twin of his younger brother, Johnny. Jack’s superhero name is Mechanical Jack, while Johnny goes by Greasemonkey.

Following the instructions of the Seven of Cups, Molly hired Rex Rabbit to deliver the Book of Unpleasant Truths and Useful Lies.

Story role: Protagonist during her initial war with Boss Clockwork. As currently designed, she lacks a personality flaw to drive an ongoing serial, making her a secondary or ensemble character. She would have to be further fleshed out to carry an ongoing story.

Height: Medium

Body type: Athletic – field hockey

Known superpowers: Featherlight armor with an integrated winged flight harness. The wings help direct the flight and can be used as shields against attack. Her helmet contains camera that allow her to see computer displays and non-visible light spectrum. Her crown can fire various energy attacks.

Limitations: Vulnerable to telepathic and other specialized attacks.

Category: 2012, Superhero

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