#18 TigerKamen

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Real name: Kyoshi Mitgunasu

Height: 6’0

Weight: 250 lbs.

Race: Japanese  Age:39

Location: Tokyo, Japan

TigerKamen(Kamen meaning “Masked one” in Japanese) is a field operative working for Cero Prefecture, The Cero Agency’s branch located in a secret location within the city of Tokyo. The division he works for is called The KingKamen(king is short for “Kingdom”), an group of masked agents  serving  it’s nation for decades. A former martial artist and a former pro wrestler, Kyoshi joined the ranks after his stint in Cero’s US branch and was picked because of his good standing and displayed great work. He is also Miles Connery’s(last year’s entry #15) good friend and trusted ally.

Powers: Hand to hand combat skills due to be training since childhood. Master of the Tiger fighting style and occasionally preform Jeet Kun Do on his enemies.

Personality: A fighting spirit, as times a go-getter, protective of those he holds dear to him.)


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