#12 The Tar-tle

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This beast of Tar was once a normal tortoise at least it was until it was challenged to a race by a rabbit…. the foolish rabbit was so far ahead that it decided to take a nap as the slow tortoise was so much slower and so far behind… the tortoise however never stopped and as the rabbit slept…. it took the lead and actually won the foot race…. unfortunately this Rabbit was actually a vindictive god in disguise… he had no humor for losing to a tortoise and transformed it into an immortal beast made of tar… unable to ever beat another animal in another foot race ever again.

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Category: 2012, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, WTF

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Jesse Kiefer at your service. I am a full time elementary art teacher in Nebraska. I teach grades K-5 for 2 schools. In my free time I'm a martial arts instructor, and I try to update a webcomic at http://www.tankmonkeycomic.com. You can find me on twitter @jessekiefer and on Faceboook http://www.facebook.com/vorpalarrow

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