#13 the M.A.B.D.S.T.T.F.

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The M.A.B.D.S.T.T.F. was once a turkey of larger than average size towering over all other turkeys never to be slain for it was invariably connected to the Holiday Cheer of Thanksgiving… however as people started to overlook Thanksgiving more and more with stores staying open during thanksgiving and more families being forced to celebrate on different days due to work expectations of employers setting up Black Friday sales on… um… Thursday. (wait… what?) The mythical turkey began to shrink to the size of an average Squirrel…. and because misery loves company the M.A.B.D.S.T.T.F. took to stealing the Squirrels food…. because why should they worry about Christmas BEFORE THANKSGIVING… oh… they store that food for survival? You mean they aren’t hiding those nuts as early Christmas gifts for other squirrels? Oh… well I guess the M.A.B.D.S.T.T.F. is kind of a Jerk then.

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