#17 – Redd and Black

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Redd and Black are fraternal twins. They are thieves, kidnappers, smugglers, and just general pests linked by a unique trait.
Neither of them seems capable of being killed.

The pair are capable of being injured, quite greviously in fact, but always seem to find the ability to put themselves back together. Severed limbs re-attach, gashes and scrapes heal. Given that both have lived with the ability for years now, neither takes it any more seriously than a basic fact of life.

As stated, Redd and Black are a fine pair of criminals who spend nearly as much time infuriating law enforcement as they do other criminals. The high-energy duo’s ethos is nearly anarchic, new jobs designed or taken on a whim, challenge be damned, and anyone who hires them understands that the terms of their contract can always change at a moment’s notice. They have many spectacular successes under their belt, and a number of equally spectacular failures, that have most observers wondering how they’ve managed to evade capture for quite so long. Both have been described as being “born with a horseshoe rammed up their ass”, an apt description given their career’s work.

The pair complement each other well. Redd provides the finesse, while Black provides the punch. Redd talks, Black intimidates. Both are described by those who have hired them however, as the most supremely annoying and frustrating criminals around, but still supremely valuable.

While they are twins, Redd and Black look wholly different. Redd is a rangy, thin man with green eyes and longer, light brown hair, while Black is a smidgen taller, more physically intimidating and has short-cut black hair.

Redd and Black are not, however, killers. The pair use non-lethal tools almost exclusively, both agreeing that if a situation devolves into a gunfight, they’ve completely screwed it up. They’re not averse to hurting someone if a situation necessitates it (Black is something of an expert on how to quickly and easily break bones), but they have no heart for killing.

The pair are rarely found away from each other, and despite how annoying others can find them, they never seem to get on each other’s nerves. They are brothers, a fact that means a great deal to them, and separating them, as some have tried to do, causes both major anxiety. But working together as a team, they can prove a major frustration for anyone unlucky enough to be in their crosshairs.

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