#19 Mechanical Jack

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Name: Mechanical Jack, Jack Nikas

Place of origin: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Occupation: Professional superhero

Legal status: Citizen of good standing of the USA

Identity: Public

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: Mother Molly Nikas aka Queen Icarus, Grandfather John Nikas, Brother Jack Green aka Greasemonkey, Biological Father Green Edward, Biological Mother Spare Parts Sally

Group affiliation: None

Base of operations: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

History: The superhero Queen Icarus was supposed to have been Jack’s surrogate mother. Two of her superhero friends, Green Edward and Spare Parts Sally wanted to have a child but no longer had the proper components to have a child on their own. Their DNA could still produce one, however, and Molly agreed to give birth to their child. When Edward and Sally died during their pregnancy, Molly became their child’s guardian according to their wishes and then adopted him.

During a supervillain attack on their home when he was eleven, Jack was badly mauled by an explosion. Molly managed to seal off his wounds using the tech that his mother Sally used, and then sent him back in time to an earlier version of herself. Specifically, Jack arrived at their house about a year and half before he was born.

Recognizing Sally’s tech over Jack’s injuries, Molly took him to Sally and Edward. They stabilized him, woke him up, and got the story out of him. Sally and Edward confirmed that they had been considering asking Molly to be their surrogate.

Molly decided it would be better to keep him with her than to try to send him home, and normalized his legal status with the American Time Anomaly Department. Molly acted was Edward and Sally’s surrogate again, but this time, forewarned by Jack’s arrival, Edward and Sally survived. They named their new son, Jack’s genetic twin, John.

Basketcase considers Jack to be far too serious. Jack dislikes him a great deal.

Mechanical Jack has a love/hate relationship with Mallrat. She really enjoys being a superhero, and Jack thinks being a superhero is serious business. They have argued about this difference repeatedly. They also find each other attractive, but have not acted upon that.

Mallrat and Jack also fight about her friendship with Debutante. He considers her a clear case of someone who belongs behind bars, while Mallrat considers her a hero with an oddball sense of justice.

Story role: As presented, Jack is a secondary character who is good for an ensemble but not for carrying stories by himself.

Height: Tall

Body type: Athletic – weight lifter

Known superpowers: Cybernetic limbs that carry weapons, energy shields, tools, boot jets, and other technological equipment.

Limitations: Can be overpowered. Vulnerable to telepathic attacks.

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