#19 – Missy Jones, FatMan pilot.

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The galaxy is torn in two by intergalactic civil war. In the year 2655 the FatMan is the first and last line of defense. A human piloted mech suit, the FatMan is standard issue for all infantry fighting on the front lines. Missy Jones is one of these pilots.

The FatMan is a twelve-foot, walking juggernaut. Encasing its pilot in a tank like amour and sporting twin linked rail guns on each of its arms the FatMan is a machine not to be messed with. Missy Jones controls one of the FatMan variations, The Kings FatMan. It comes equipped with a full burn jet pack for low air flight as well as the inclusion of under arm slung grenade launches.

Born and raised on a colony far from Earth Missy never knew what this home planet everyone was fighting for even looked like. Her dad left her and her mum to go off with some man from mars he’d meet at work before Missy could even speak. It was just her and her mum from then on, and Missy adored her mum. She was a FatMan pilot; this is what inspired Missy to sign up when she was sixteen. She had always wanted to see the galaxy, but she wanted to make her mum proud of her too.

After playing a key role in the retaking of Earth’s Moon for the Union, when her squad infiltrated and captured the moons defense station, Missy was prompted to Unit command. Her mum came to see Missy’s ceremony in which she received her King FatMan. That was the last time Missy saw her mum.

Three years since that day and Missy and her unit are deep inside The Coalition Republic territory in search of something on the uncharted planet Novvos. The Union claims this planet holds the key to ending the civil war. All Missy and her men have found so far is death. Death in a lot of strange and evil ways.

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