#19 – The 93rd

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The pod containing abstract creation material (we would probably refer to it as “genetic”) shot off into space, its planet of launch destroyed as per the Protocols of Ta’aru. Rather than an urban housing project, however, the pod landed in the temple-city of Black Lodge, in the North country of the Republic of Thelema. The material assembled itself into an infant and was found by the divine rulers, Master Therion and Babalon, who considered him to be a key part of the Great Work and raised him as a proper child of The Beast.

At an early age he was considered the incarnation of the Thelemic current that insures the survival of this nation of fiercely individualistic ritual magic-users. Since then, he has called himself the 93rd in reference to Thelemites’ primary law (“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”), and responded to no other name.

With so much more power than his countrymen, the 93rd often struggles mightily to determine his True Will, and spends much of his days in conversation with his Holy Guardian Angel seeking guidance. As the rings under his eyes deepen, there are those who wonder if he spends too much time locked in trance, too much time in the embrace of Binah.

He possesses the usual powers of a Champion of Ta’aru: flight, superhuman strength and durability, heightened senses, an inquisitive, activist nature, and the ability to focus his chi into energy that can be projected. His ‘Special’ is the ability to connect with his Holy Guardian Angel to amplify his magick, and affect energies and entities outside of mortal time and space.

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