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#18 Abe

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Here’s Abe, an engineer who became a cop because of his family, lost his legs in an accident, then made himself mechanic legs.  They’re not the best things, but they work.

#19 Baby New Year

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#19 Old Glory

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Cuckoo Man

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#12 Christmas Soon

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Day 19-Simoom

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Simoom has the power to generate the hot, dry winds for which he is named. He can control the speed, heat and intensity of these winds to allow himself to fly and disable his opponents. This disabling can go from simply knocking someone over to stripping the flesh from them if he ever truly cut loose.

#19 – Missy Jones, FatMan pilot.

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The galaxy is torn in two by intergalactic civil war. In the year 2655 the FatMan is the first and last line of defense. A human piloted mech suit, the FatMan is standard issue for all infantry fighting on the front lines. Missy Jones is one of these pilots.

The FatMan is a twelve-foot, walking juggernaut. Encasing its pilot in a tank like amour and sporting twin linked rail guns on each of its arms the FatMan is a machine not to be messed with. Missy Jones controls one of the FatMan variations, The Kings FatMan. It comes equipped with a full burn jet pack for low air flight as well as the inclusion of under arm slung grenade launches.

Born and raised on a colony far from Earth Missy never knew what this home planet everyone was fighting for even looked like. Her dad left her and her mum to go off with some man from mars he’d meet at work before Missy could even speak. It was just her and her mum from then on, and Missy adored her mum. She was a FatMan pilot; this is what inspired Missy to sign up when she was sixteen. She had always wanted to see the galaxy, but she wanted to make her mum proud of her too.

After playing a key role in the retaking of Earth’s Moon for the Union, when her squad infiltrated and captured the moons defense station, Missy was prompted to Unit command. Her mum came to see Missy’s ceremony in which she received her King FatMan. That was the last time Missy saw her mum.

Three years since that day and Missy and her unit are deep inside The Coalition Republic territory in search of something on the uncharted planet Novvos. The Union claims this planet holds the key to ending the civil war. All Missy and her men have found so far is death. Death in a lot of strange and evil ways.

#18 Indian

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Day 19: Crimson Death

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Say hello to the deadliest samurai of the mordern age and great-great-grandson of Death Peterson! Yes, you see before he jumped to the time-portal he managed to get pregnant an Asian girl that worked on a railroad.

Crimson Death a.k.a. Deathaki Petersonsonson wants as you can see clearly, the head of Indy as the ultimate trophy!

Day 18: The Black Knight

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The Black Knight is a collector of Middle Ages’ armors and stuff that went mad and thinks he is the legendary Black Knight! Along with his white stallion, Thunderbolt, rides against the bad guys and the dragons, as he also thinks he was born to slay the last dragon… (!?)

#12 Mike Z

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#12 Mike Z

#19 Pink Diamond

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Real Name: Patricia “Patty” Gleason-Roman


Weight:192 lbs.  Age:32

Race: German/ Italian/Caucasian

Location: New York, NY

Patricia whose friends , family members and close associates call her Patty is a accomplished make-up artist and a popular name in the fashion elite. Despite her porcelain skin tone, she believes in not having her disability be her inability.  One night she witnesses a crime and decides to help. After saving that person’s life, she came across something she has a passion for, helping those in need. After taking some martial arts training and some yoga, transforming her body, using a corset made of impenetrable materials, some hot pants and some glasses she made in high school, she hunts the streets whenever possible and save the streets of the city as Pink Diamond.

Powers: Hand to hand combat skills due to her intensive training in all fields of combat.

Personality: As Patty, confident but isn’t the one that always have a say in what goes on in her life. By the book and at the same time compassionate. As Pink Diamond, tough as nails when it counts, at times using her control over men to do her bedding, and mostly winning at it.


#19 Keeper of the Flame

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#17 Pilgrim Lady

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Day NIneteen – Oh, Mother Isis

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NAME: Oh Mother Isis

Mother Isis sits on a granite throne, unable to tell her children how displeased she is with them.


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day 19. whoop whoop!

Day 19 | Frankenfighter

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2012 – DAY 19

All characters are created by my 5 year-old son, The Junior Partner.  He has either drawn these characters on his own and I have recreated them here, or he has sat at my elbow dictating design and conceptual ideas like a creative, but frenetic, taskmaster.


In his growing appreciation for Halloween and monsters, the Junior Partner discovered the various classic movie monsters.  He sort of gets the concept fo Frankenstein but it cemented for him when he saw an image of the FRANKENSTEIN AGENT OF SHADE comic in an ad in a comic I was reading.  He wanted his own version of a Frankenstein monster superhero, but he wanted it “more freaky.”  I suggested something more Dr. Moreau…gorialla arms or something, but that was ignored.  After a few ideas I suggested a gigantic arm with a huge knife.  That was it and boom…Frankenfighter.

#19 – The 93rd

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The pod containing abstract creation material (we would probably refer to it as “genetic”) shot off into space, its planet of launch destroyed as per the Protocols of Ta’aru. Rather than an urban housing project, however, the pod landed in the temple-city of Black Lodge, in the North country of the Republic of Thelema. The material assembled itself into an infant and was found by the divine rulers, Master Therion and Babalon, who considered him to be a key part of the Great Work and raised him as a proper child of The Beast.

At an early age he was considered the incarnation of the Thelemic current that insures the survival of this nation of fiercely individualistic ritual magic-users. Since then, he has called himself the 93rd in reference to Thelemites’ primary law (“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”), and responded to no other name.

With so much more power than his countrymen, the 93rd often struggles mightily to determine his True Will, and spends much of his days in conversation with his Holy Guardian Angel seeking guidance. As the rings under his eyes deepen, there are those who wonder if he spends too much time locked in trance, too much time in the embrace of Binah.

He possesses the usual powers of a Champion of Ta’aru: flight, superhuman strength and durability, heightened senses, an inquisitive, activist nature, and the ability to focus his chi into energy that can be projected. His ‘Special’ is the ability to connect with his Holy Guardian Angel to amplify his magick, and affect energies and entities outside of mortal time and space.

#19 Jethro (X-289)

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An alien creature, captured by the government and confined to a lab, the entity designated as X-289 has escaped very recently and is on the loose. If encountered, he may respond to the nickname he was given by (former) lab technician Susan Jacob, “Jethro”. He is also fond of peanut butter, and can be easily coaxed into an opened cereal box, providing there is some product left in the bottom. A large reward is offered for his return to the U.S. State Department.

Be advised he may have found some way to disguise himself.

#19 Lolli

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Val G. (nittoai)

#17 – Redd and Black

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Redd and Black are fraternal twins. They are thieves, kidnappers, smugglers, and just general pests linked by a unique trait.
Neither of them seems capable of being killed.

The pair are capable of being injured, quite greviously in fact, but always seem to find the ability to put themselves back together. Severed limbs re-attach, gashes and scrapes heal. Given that both have lived with the ability for years now, neither takes it any more seriously than a basic fact of life.

As stated, Redd and Black are a fine pair of criminals who spend nearly as much time infuriating law enforcement as they do other criminals. The high-energy duo’s ethos is nearly anarchic, new jobs designed or taken on a whim, challenge be damned, and anyone who hires them understands that the terms of their contract can always change at a moment’s notice. They have many spectacular successes under their belt, and a number of equally spectacular failures, that have most observers wondering how they’ve managed to evade capture for quite so long. Both have been described as being “born with a horseshoe rammed up their ass”, an apt description given their career’s work.

The pair complement each other well. Redd provides the finesse, while Black provides the punch. Redd talks, Black intimidates. Both are described by those who have hired them however, as the most supremely annoying and frustrating criminals around, but still supremely valuable.

While they are twins, Redd and Black look wholly different. Redd is a rangy, thin man with green eyes and longer, light brown hair, while Black is a smidgen taller, more physically intimidating and has short-cut black hair.

Redd and Black are not, however, killers. The pair use non-lethal tools almost exclusively, both agreeing that if a situation devolves into a gunfight, they’ve completely screwed it up. They’re not averse to hurting someone if a situation necessitates it (Black is something of an expert on how to quickly and easily break bones), but they have no heart for killing.

The pair are rarely found away from each other, and despite how annoying others can find them, they never seem to get on each other’s nerves. They are brothers, a fact that means a great deal to them, and separating them, as some have tried to do, causes both major anxiety. But working together as a team, they can prove a major frustration for anyone unlucky enough to be in their crosshairs.

#15: Boomerang Boy

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The true identity of Boomerang Boy is unknown. His powers appear to be blinding speed and an arsenal of trick boomerangs.

#14: Dingbat

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Not much is known about Dingbat other than he is the self proclaimed world’s greatest acrobat and he concentrates his nightly patrols mostly on the west side.

#13: Steel Boy

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Steel Boy was the first successful experiment by Professor Gepettus who would later create the Flamester. In reality he was just a stepping stone in the process of creating a synthetic human. After his creation in 1942 he was recruited by the armed forces to fight the Nazis. After several years leading the war effort along side Golden Boy and the Flamester he was decommissioned in 1950 and put into storage.


#16 – Peter “Stump” Merson

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Being a hitman isn’t a profession that sees a lot of veterans. But Stump is an anomaly, an old head, a man who has been killing people professionally, on and off, for nearly thirty years now.

Stump does not consider himself much of a criminal, and in all other walks of life, is a straightlaced, law-obiding, rather boring man of 51 with a taste for jazz and wine. He’s a calm, even-tempered man with, although he can’t hide frustration from anyone when it shows. But he views his profession as being like prostitution. It has been around for as long as two people have had grudges against one another.

Stump operates by a few simple rules. Never take any contracts locally (or regionally, if he can help it). Never get to know the victim any more than you have to. If you end up killing more people than the contract asked for, you have failed, more bodies brings more police.

By his count, Stump has killed 97 people over the years, completing his contracts in the same, dilligent, straightforward manner. However he’s aging now, and increasingly finds himself wanting to end his career and begin the next phase of his life.

Stump is very particular about his weaponry, preferring simpler weapons with less moving parts, like pump-action shotguns and close quarters to plinking someone from long distance with a rifle.

While he has taken on less contracts over the years, he still finds work regularly, and finds himself in enough demand that he can pick and choose which contracts to take. However, for all of his knowledge and savvy, as the world has moved forward with technology, his analog skills have left him behind in some places. As such, four years ago he agreed to begin working with 29-year-old Ethan Woodman, a fast-talking technophile and neophyte he finds as annoying as he is useful. The pair’s relationship is at times adversarial, at other times, has all the closeness of a father and a son.

Stump got his nickname due to his short, squat stature, something he is regularly made fun of for, but has proved somewhat invaluable to him, along with his largely unremarkable looks.

#16 – Some Creepy Man

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(Currently) Unnamed man who just seems creepy.

#18- McCoy

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11/18/2012: Specimen 16, Olimyoo Legionnaire

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NAME: Specimen 16  SPECIES: Olimyoo  ORIGIN: Pakinare

A member of the infamous “Centurion” program, Specimen 16 has sown destruction throughout the Multiverse in the name of the Children of Tartarus. Plucked from his peaceful home world as a youth, his great size and strength catching the interest of a Tartaran overlord, Specimen 16 took to the indoctrination quickly, his will broken and body transformed into a nigh-unstoppable war machine. Over the years, as his body became damaged, the Tartarans saw to its reconstruction. When the Tartaran Empire fell, with no master to control him, Specimen 16 went ronin. Though his skills of death-dealing are now for hire, he holds tightly to his final orders, vowing some day to murder the Lost Agency and their allies in the name of Tartarus.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3D print pending….)

Day 19 – Half-Blood

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Real Name – Snorri Germbeyrson

Aliases – Half-Blood, Rocket Gnome

Snorri is a half-blood. His father, Svarri Germbeyrson, was a real dwarf and worked in gods’ smithy. Now his son is a superhero.

Day 18-Astride

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Astride believes there should be perfect balance in the world. As such they stand on both sides of every situation. Neither a true hero or villain, Astride has been known to assist whichever side has been the underdog in a battle in order to bring balance to the situation. Only appearing  when things are unbalanced and then disappearing when the balance is restored, they are a mystery to everyone.

Day 17-Fuss

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Fuss claims to be the God of Tantrums, the only problem is no one can seem to figure out what pantheon ever had that god. The other heroes put up with him though because when he does have a tantrum and puts his foot down bad things usually happen. These are mostly earthquakes, tremors or the splitting of the ground in the direction of his stomp depending on how hard he puts his foot down.