#10 The Furnace

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#10 The Furnace

On the field, Kaiser Solumanen is the Chief Battlemage of the Grey Army. But more people throughout the dominion know & fear him simply as “The Furnace.”

The stories mostly paint Solumanen as a young apprentice at the Black Wreath Academy of Mysticism some years ago. While not necessarily looking to step out on the battlefield, he was looking to specialize mainly in the use of elemental magic. Fire was his favorite, & he cultivated a level of ability that began to exceed his own control. His proctors tried to warn him, as they’d catch him with scorch marks on his clothes or whenever he’d go without an eyebrow. But he never paid them much mind.

One day, he took things a step too far, creating a blue flame so hot, there was no chance of it ever extinguishing. In the process, he severely burned himself & nearly razed the ancient school. Dishonorably expelled & sealed in a bulk containment suit, the only feeling Solumanen has any more is pain. Intense, burning pain.

Now he is the Grey Army’s “secret” weapon. A walking inferno of immeasurable heat. He spends his time between battles in a smoldering lead carriage. When he is needed, he levitates across the field of battle setting everything alight, scorching anything in his wake. With little concern of collateral damage, everybody looks to just stay out of his way.


So again, I was mostly just trying to look & round out all of the possible categories for characters. I was looking for something big & imposing & scary looking, but also vaguely fantasy & maybe a little steampunk-y. The proportions are jacked on this a bit. It was partly intentional with the huge upper body & arms, & tiny little head. Trying to sell the whole containment suit idea though I think I went a little overboard. I also kept debating whether his feet should stick out or if it should be all cloak. In the end I probably should’ve left the feet out. And another thing I was fickle about was the color of the flames. I liked the result of the effect here alright but at the end of the day, maybe I should have just left it orange. Oh well. Onward…

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  1. Batmankm says:

    Wow! Wow….just wow. Love this guy. Great work man.

  2. treyjackson says:

    Very very cool. Really great design.

    And for the record, I like the blue/purple/gold flames better than orange. Fits with the Grey Army vibe.

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