#19 & #20 – Erin and the Rabbit

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She genuinely believes that there is nothing more important than teaching, and often comes off as cloying and even a little creepy at times. She actually got into ooze monsters at a late age, thinking that it might help her “connect with the young adults” in her charge, as she put it. Though not naturally given to organized sports, Erin discovered a love of competition in ooze fighting, and she enjoys helping her students test their creations with the same level of enthusiasm she brings to teaching.

The Rabbit is a pretty good indication of the kind of person Erin is. Though there’s a vast difference in their sizes, the Rabbit is high-energy, high-speed, and slightly disturbing. In combat, the Rabbit uses its agility and a series of holographic projections to increase its evasiveness, while relying on powerful kicks and misdirection to deal damage to the opponent.

Keywords for the Rabbit and Erin were Animal, Humanoid, Two Legs, Unexpected Hands, Plant Parts, and Antennae. And I think this is the first entry where I’ve managed to use every single keyword! I’m actually pretty happy with the way this one turned out; Erin is equal parts FLCL’s Miya-jun and my own Cool Dude art teacher from high school, Mr. Schnieder. And the Rabbit’s creepy, alien-headed ear-handed cuteness is exactly what I wanted. So… Go me, I guess! 😀

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