#20 Night Hawk

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INTERVIEWER:  Thanks for joining us tonight for this interview Mr., um..Hawk. I know that your time is valuable.

NH: The streets are a rising tide of crime that never stops. I need to surf that tide, for the protection of ordinary people.

INTERVIEWER:  I see. Well, I’m sure that we all appreciate your crimefighting work. And I’m just as sure that we would all love to know more about you. Can you tell us about yourself?

NH:  I am the night.

INTERVIEWER:  Okaaaaay, about that; where did you come by your “work name”? Are you swooping down on street crime like a hawk?

NH: I use the fear of my enemies against them. I use control of my own fear to show them the darkness of their ways.

INTERVIEWER:  You’re…afraid of birds?

NH: No, there is this painting-people in a lonely diner at night. It always filled me with dread. A dread my enemies now share.

INTERVIEWER: Excuse me, did you just say you make your enemies afraid of a painting? Why are you dressed like a bird?

NH:  Criminals are a superstitious and ignorant lot. I don’t think they would get the reference.

INTERVIEWER:  So, you dress up as a bird and fight crime…because you were scared of a painting?

NH:  I am the night.

INTERVIEWER: Okay…I’m getting word that we’re out of time. Thank you very much for the interview Mister Hawk. Careful of the doorframe, I noticed your helmet seems a little hard on your peripheral vision.

NH: I stay focused on the crime in front of me.

INTERVIEWER:  Good idea.



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