Bric, the stone giant

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Inspired by the Easter Island statues, Bric is part of a nearly gone race of rock giants. Content usually with just sitting and watching the world, stone giants rarely have much on their mind. Bric is a runt of his clan, standing at only 8 feet and weighing just 2,200 pounds. He is part of the Rabid Wombat’s monster pirate crew.

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John Tompkins, aka Captblitzdawg, is a self-taught artist who has done a variety of commercial art, editorial/political cartoons for Paxton media newspapers, and has self-published his own superhero stories. In 2005 he worked on the indie release SNAFU with Ink Pie Studios. In 2009 he organized The Return of Mini-Con, a library event in Indian Trail, NC pulling in comic and cartoon artists for a free convention experience for kids. He has also run the library's Cartooning Club for a little over five years, teaching kids drawing techniques used by comic publishers and animation studios. In 2013, his superhero the Sword, (along with some of his villains and supporting characters) is expected to become a part of the King Comics universe!

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