Day 20: Wood Sister

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“There are things in this woods that should not bee seen by humans. I mean, it’s not cause you’re stupid or anything.  There are dark, DARK things Snitch that I just can’t talk about. I lose sleep at night sometimes but…it’s my job, you know?” -Fig

Believe it or not, Fig is not all fun and games. He is a faun and the guardian of woods, meaning he is the keeper of many secrets. One of these secrets is know ing the location of and occasioning watching over the Wood Sister.

The Wood Sister is an elder being that is held deep within the forest. Once one of three fated oracles, she betrayed her siblings and stole their eyes in order to be the sole temple of power. As punishment for her greed, she was fused into a great tree which drains her of her magic and feeds the surrounding nature.

She is a force of deep evil and saddens that no mortal can possibly comprehend. As of lately she has been more “active” during Fig’s short visits.  She may be up to something…

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