#19 – Yuan

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Bodyguards, as a general rule, are not supposed to be short-tempered alcoholics, but Yuan makes it work somehow. An immense, imposing figure, Yuan would be dangerous enough under normal circumstances, but Yuan is not normal. Yuan boasts four completely articulate, strong arms, and is capable of wielding weapons in each hand with ease and deadly capability.

A member of “The Guard”, a multi-national bodyguard agency, Yuan, for all of his faults his inability to blend or be anything close to refined, is a immensely loyal and capable protector. Impulsive, but never reckless, especially with the lives of his clients, Yuan is the kind of bodyguard that, by his very presence, can deter would be thieves, kidnappers and murderers.

Born in Hong Kong in 1975, Yuan’s natural predilections for carousing are beginning to wear a little on him (his gut’s larger than it was when he was 20, for instance), but he still retains as keen a mind for finely applied violence as any soldier or assassin. He brings with him a spotless record, having never lost a client even to some of the most determined assassins, and has even managed some spectacular feats of guarding while well over the legal limit.

Yuan is loud, occasionally boorish, but a genuine man of convictions. He has pledged his life to guarding and protecting others, and takes his job very seriously. Surprisingly, for all his carousing, he does not have a weakness for women. Yuan’s fortitude and seeming six sense for danger are nearly legendary. Yuan is an avid fan of full-contact and combat sports.

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