#21 – Ajax of Ashen.

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Ashen is the oldest of the human races. Said to be the direct descendents of the demigods, made in their image. The Ashen people are tall, most standing at seven feet once at full maturity. Their eyes burn in hot reds, oranges and yellows, whilst their hair grows all manner of colors. Their skin is bronzed from the hot climate of their island home of Ashdeep.

The island is self contained and only the Ashen live here, surrounded on all most all sides by dangerous ever growing coral and sea creatures not seen anywhere else only one entrance can be made by sea and the Ashen rarely share this secret. The island is said to have a huge crumbling stone staircase at one end of it, which in lost decades lead all the way to the heavens.

As a people the Ashen are known for great feats of strength and noble deeds, even the most common and meek among them is a hero in the eyes of the greater realms of Elmore. They are gifted with long lives for humans, long enough to rival the old races such as the Ivory elves.

Ajax of Ashen is far from meek; he is one of the greatest living Ashen heroes. Tall even for an Ashen standing at nearly eight foot tall, his body is lean and muscular and the rumors say he can best an ogre one on one. His hair is fire red and hangs long past his shoulders; his eyes match and burn bright. Throughout the different realms and kingdoms he is known by many different names, Ajax The Giant Slayer, Ajax Godsright, Ajax of the Stars he is a man of honor and happy with plain Ajax.

Sailing the seas on his vast ship The Wings of Wind Ajax seeks out adventure and to bring glory and honor to his homeland. His crew is made up on every race he has meet on his travels, good brave men are always willing to follow the great Ajax. His crew have become his friends and family over the years, some even know the route to the island of Ashdeep should the day come when Ajax’s body needs to be return to rest at home.

Wherever Ajax arrives his feats and deeds are plain for all to see. His body covered in the magical, shimmering chainmail given to him by the Dwarven king whom Ajax had fought side by side with during the battle for Underpass. On his back hangs the shield he forged from the first black dragon he slew to protect a young princess, whom the locals seemed to want to sacrifice. Every weapon, from is longbow, to spear to his axe and long sword come with a story, as do every cut and scar that he wears with pride.

Today the people of Saal will get to witness Ajax first hand as the Wings of Wind sails into port.

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