#21 Switch

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Ronald Meyers was an average man, physically unimpressive, though intelligent and thoroughly educated. He worked as a lab assistant in a government observatory, which unbeknownst to him was conducting experiments with the newest electron telescope to analyze the nuclear reactions of the sun and tap into tidal forces from it at a quantum level. One miscalculation and massive explosion later, Ronald awoke to find that he had not only survived, he had gained the ability to convert his body mass to radiant energy and vice versa. Using this new ability to augment himself to superhuman levels of strength and endurance, he set out to fight crime and seek out the manufacturers of shoddy scientific equipment.


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Illustrator/Designer, American expatriate living in Sydney AU, about yea tall and I like most cheeses. You can find my daily sketchblog at: http://www.nathandrawsdaily.tumblr.com

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