11/21/2012: Inari Worldseer, Dwarven Doorman

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NAME: Inari Worldseer  SPECIES: Dwarf  ORIGIN: Crown of High Higvald

Born to a noble clan of techsmiths, Inari possessed a curious streak when it came to the outer worlds, a trait uncommon in dwarvenkind. Ostracized from his clan for his eccentricities, Inari’s beard was taken from him and he was given a penance before he was banished. Taking passage on a passing Verser’s ship, Inari came to Nexus City, a place where all travelers are welcome. In time, he came to learn the ways of the Omnishperes. Using his skills as a Doorman, Inari travels from world to world, safely transporting any client willing to pay to fund his research.

Model designed in Sculprtis and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


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Hey, everyone. My name is Arian and I'm a writer/game designer/3D printing maniac from Bellingham, Washington. I'm also the co-founder and lead developer for a little, open source game company called Ill Gotten Games. You can find and download my designs here: http://www.thingiverse.com/dutchmogul/designs/ Good luck, everybody, and keep designing!

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