#21 and #22 – Cynthia and Paracycle

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At last, we meet the mysterious owner of the underground hack shop Stygia! Though rarely in the store, Cynthia’s influence is undeniable; she’s a button-down, serious competitor who calmly analyzes any situation before taking action. As one of the oldest trainers around, Cynthia has a lifetime of experience around blob monsters that informs the way she treats the creatures. That is to say, she sees blob monsters as sentient creatures, and this belief dictates the actions she takes, and even the strategies she uses in combat.

Cynthia’s partner is Paracycle, a spectacularly dangerous foe for any trainer to face. Though not particularly resistant or able to dish out big hits, Paracycle is nevertheless a fearsome opponent because of the abilities displayed by its unique exposed interlocking core. This core fires a transmitting beam that can suppress the connections between individual nanoparticles, turning a coordinated ooze monster into a pile of confused individual nanomachines.

Keywords for these two were Modern Art, Sphere, Six Legs, Shell, Fungus, and Screws. It was a pretty wacky collection of phrases, and it actually took me a while to figure out how to fit them together.

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