#22 – Cadence Clarke.

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Growing up with a name like Cadence is hard for a boy. His parents where old time hippies and didn’t believe in gender stereotypes, they said Cadence suited his kind soul. The kids at school didn’t see it that way. When your five anything that makes you different seems to make you a target, the fat kid gets bullied, the girl with glasses who always does her homework gets teased and of course the guy with the girly name gets picked on for sure.

Cade, as he has been calling himself for years blamed his name for the path his life took. When we moved up to high school he was feed up of being the butt of every joke and the punching bag for the big kids. Cade started to work out, take mixed martial arts lessons, his parents didn’t like the thought of their boy learning such violent things, but when he lied and told them it was the only way he could express his inner self they started to actively encourage him. Cade had learnt at an early age how to play his parents.

By the end of high school everyone called him Cade, he was the guy everyone else was scared of. He liked things this way. It was this new found confidence and respect that lead to some very poor life choices and friendships that ended up putting him behind bars for a few years after a jar jacking had gone bad.

By the time Cade turned twenty-five he was stealing high-end cars for use in gang heists. He made quite the name for himself in the crime underworld, working his way up to be the get away driver for the biggest bank job the city had ever seen. After a few big profile jobs Cade had stashed enough cash to make a good life for himself. He was already to fly out to Tokyo and retire on his ill-gotten earnings. His boss was less than pleased about this.

Talking Cade into one last job with the promise of the biggest taking he’d ever earn, his boss set him up. After the job at the safe house the other gang members pulled guns on Cade, they told him it was nothing personal just the boss couldn’t have any loose ends. Before the guys could even pull their triggers they fell to the floor a single bullet in the head of each of them.

A figure stepped out of the shadows. An old grey haired man, twin pistols in hand. The old guy smiled at Cade as he holstered his guns. He reached out his hand to Cade.

“Evening Cadence Clarke nice to meet you. I’m you from the future”

“We best get outta here we have got a lot to do.”

Cadence Clarke would eventually end up in Tokyo, but not for a long time yet.

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  1. My name is Cadence Clarke. I’m female, from the uk, and this has literally just blown my mind.

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