#22 Microkid

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Real name: Timothy Rolend

Height: 5’7    Age:19

Weight: 215 lbs. Race:Caucasian

Location: New York, NY

Microkid is one of my first characters I created out of a sketchbook back in 1993.

Timothy is the son of a scientist working for a pharmaceutical company. Timothy felt sick one day when he visit his father so he went to find a pill that can cure his sickness but he found out the hard way that it was an experimental pill made to military use. He ended up having it part of his anatomy permanently. He discovered the ability to shrink to almost microscopic size with the use of positive thinking.  As Microkid, he uses his powers to go into places no one else can to fight crime .

Powers: Hand to hand combat along with his power to shrink or enlarge his size.

Personality:Confident and understanding.


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