#23 and #24 – Gordon and Beelzebub

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A high-ranking NMSA agent and kind of a vicious dickwad, Gordon Clearwater is the son of the current head of the Nanomachine Suppression Agency. As such, he is entrusted with certain responsibilities that the NMSA would prefer the public not know about. Gordon himself is the kind of guy who gets pleasure out of petty revenge and childish controlling behavior, making him a genuine pain to work for.

Beelzebub is actually the code name for a unique blob monster developed by the NMSA. Its purpose is to introduce specialized code into the programming of construction ooze, allowing the NMSA to track which trainer has what ooze. The existence of this code is a closely held secret, but there are rumors that it may have a more sinister purpose, especially amongst hackers who have carefully dug through the programming.

The keywords for these two were Geometric, Therian, Hovering, Thorns, Ghostly, and Chomping Jaws. I played pretty fast and loose with these keywords, as I’m trying to introduce the actual main conflict of the story here. I hope you enjoyed the disgusting giant fly, at any rate. ^^



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