Anubis- god of the dead

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Dark and Enigmatic like the afterlife itself, Anubis governs the realm of the underworld with an iron fist.

Depicted by Egyptian lore as a Jackal headed god -both man and beastlike, It can be assumed that many have confused the hounds of the netherworld for Anubis himself or perhaps it was the trickery of his illusions.  Whatever the reason, Anubis shrouds his true visage with mystery.

Like mist, or a fleeting dream, Anubis is almost an intangible presence. The only beings in which confide in this god, are the souls of the dead itself- the very beings he committed to watch over.

Anubis’ dark demeanor is only coupled along with his grim duties. Almost like a father, he shades the cold dead from the piercing rays of the accursed Sun from his realm, and fabricates a veil of reality so ecstatic that the dead forget all the miseries in their past lives.

A sole protector of the deceased, Anubis’ dark sanctuary gives solace to all that reside in his realm, and warning to all who would dare tread without permission.

Beings of the light, and emissaries of the high heavens avoid his domain like the plague, for no being would dare try the capricious temper of the god of the dead.


“Take my hand cold one, and I’ll escort you into the eternal lands, where you’ll come to no harm.”




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