Day 24: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: THE NEXT KIND’S BYFRAZ

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On the far off world of Jorol, 3 million years from now, the descendants of humanity have settled this among thousands of  planets.  Seven offshoots of humanity have divided this land amongst themselves.  Civilizations have risen and fallen.  Wars have begun and concluded.  Jorol currently is in a state of an uneasy peace.

That peace was broken by the return of Jorol’s indigenous species: The Frahl Wraiths, who were forced underground millennia ago and were thought extinct. This was not so as their reemergence was hailed with the decimation of Koroth and and several other city states in the lands of Norlympia.  Those who survived were either taken into slavery or forced to flee.  One of those exiles was a noble general by the name of Doule.

Doule was in search of allies from the seven nations to form a coalition against the Frahl Wraiths.  His travels at one point brought him to the arctic tundra of the Binans.  This race has evolved to where they operate in genetically identical pairs.  They are literally living computers that have developed cloning technologies, and have advanced telekenetic and telepathic skills.  The Binans, though comprised as two person units, operate, think, and have identity as one distinct person.  One of these pairs went by the name of Byfraz.

They were  simple scholars and anthropologist, but had extensive knowledge of antiquity and tales and information on the Frahl Wraithes.  The Binans are semi-pacifists, but agreed to lend the services of Byfraz to the cause, for which they have proven invaluable.

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Dan Nokes is the sequential guru of the Southern Maryland DIY Revolution! When not wandering the uncharted wilderness of Lusby, MD in a supernaturally induced blood fever, he is the head of a little one man band called 21st Century Sandshark Studios. This bastion of indie comic goodness has to date put out a 67 page graphic novel (The Reptile and Mister Amazing 2002) a 12 issue maxi series (The Paranormals 2003-2008) a three issue western (The Pistoleers 2008-2010) and is currently working on the second and final volume of his dystopian classic (Adam and Eve: Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse 2011-2012) He is also working on illustration duties for Nick Davis' upcoming children's book (Unconditional: A Teddy Bear's Tale 2011). His future projects include his forray into webcomics with his Sci-fi comedy (Impossible Space Tales from The Last Pitt Stop) and a return to Super Hero Lore (The Reptile and Mister Amazing: The Return of Kat Carson)!

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