Day Twenty-Four – The Descendants

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Due to sickness and holiday, I have fallen four days behind in this challenge, so the only way to catch up was the create a team of four characters. Please forgive the hastiness under which they appear. I present: THE DESCENDANTS! Each team member has a famous ancestor and they are heirs to their power and authority.

NASRULLAH HUDA: Descended from Aladin, Nasrullah is still in possession of the flying carpet, except the wear and tear of the centuries left only enough material for her to fashion a doublet from the once magnificent tapestry. It allows her to fly much as one would imagine a jetpack would.

MONA LASAR: Mona is in possession of the Seal of Solomon (and thanks to my terrible drawing skills, it would appear his hands as well). The magic she works is neither good nor evil, but what her intentions make it so.

AI CHAN: Ai is descended from Gan Jiang of Chinese legend and wields the Ganjiang Sword. She search for its twin, Moye.

SISTER SOBRIETY: She does not per se own a relic, but is herself a relic: a clone of Saint Teresa of Ávila, made from the heart that was nightly “trasverberated by the Love of God.” It is not known what powers she has beyond a sharp intellect and a keen (yet modest) fashion sense.

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