#24 – Blowout (Kyle Murray)

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Kyle should not be a criminal, a fugitive, and a killer. He was a reasonable, if unremarkable student from a small, pleasant city, and if he’d applied himself in community college, could’ve gone on to higher education. He was a talented writer, and had even shown some aptitude as a long-distance runner.

Kyle was also, however, petty, vindictive, greedy and callous, always obsessed with showing his “dominance”. Over rivals, over law enforcement, over anyone who thought they had something to hold over him.

Kyle’s alleged toughness is thin, and entirely based upon his powers. Kyle discovered early in his life that he could create small little balls of energy that, when thrown, would explode. What began when he was a child as something only slightly more powerful than a small cherry bomb now can detonate with the strength of TNT, and Kyle is only learning more about his capability. He uses it, and the threat of it to lord himself over the people he surrounds himself with. He entertains himself with the fear of his victims.

Kyle has become increasingly erratic in recent years, as he has been diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease that causes him increasing pain. As such, Kyle has become dependent on opiods to operate on a day-to-day basis, and regularly abuses the drugs. This is problematic for Kyle, as he has made a fair amount of money in recent years stealing prescription drugs for sale on the black market, only to end up using much of his ill-gotten gain.

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