#25 & 26 – Angela and Wendigo

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We’ve seen some of the highest-ranking hackers and agents, and as Cynthia and Gordon represent the pinnacle of their trainer classes, Angela is at the top of her class. A senior in high school and major rival of Helen and her Pitrap, Angela uses a blob monster named Wendigo that can quickly and easily shift between different forms, in order to hunt ooze wherever it occurs. The form we see here is Wendigo’s standard offensive form. A compromise between bulk and mobility, this form uses its high speed and heavy weight to shove opponents out of the way while the exposed core on its underside quickly absorbs slime. Wendigo’s other forms include a slender, deer-like shape for high speed, a blocky, spiked shape used for heavy combat against other blob monsters, and a tall, tower-like shape used to scan the city for ooze. In very serious situations, Wendigo can actually shift between forms during combat. It’s a dangerous tactic, given how vulnerable Wendigo is while shifting, but the sheer shock value can end battles very quickly.

As a trainer, Angela comes from a family of slime hunters, and became obsessed with the competition at a young age. Having been around ooze monsters her whole life, she sees the betterment of these creatures as being her only real job, regardless of the scholarships and other rewards that come from the hunt. As a middling to average student, Angela is acutely aware of her academic shortcomings, and has been known to use ooze hunting as an excuse to avoid school. In general, however, and despite a rather prickly exterior, Angela is an empathetic, intelligent young lady with a great deal of drive.

The keywords for Wendigo were Animal, Bulky, Four Legs, Branches, Storage, and Tail. Obnoxiously enough, the first thing these phrases brought to mind was an evolved form of Alice’s Minotaur, so I had to do some shuffling to make sure Wendigo didn’t come off as a clone of Minotaur. And actually, that sounds like a pretty interesting fight. 😀

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