#26 – Captain Michelle Cortez of the R.F.I.

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She wasn’t around in 1947 when it started but she plans to be there when it ends. Captain Cortez is out on the frontline fighting the silent war everyday, the war that started back in Roswell.

All those rumors about Roswell have some fact to them, but none know the whole truth. One night in June of 1947 a spacecraft of unknown origin did indeed crash land in the desert just outside of Roswell New Mexico. The creatures on board did no survive the impact, luckily for the human race most of the vast alien ship did. The incident was covered up and the R.F.I. (Roswell Fallout Initiative.) was started.

Within six months of the R.F.I being set up it was working full time out of a top secret government base in New Mexico. With a staff of five hundred, made up of the leading minds in all the highest level scientific research areas and with a platoon of specially trained marines on hand. The aim of the Initiative was to reverse engineer the alien technology, to find out their purpose on Earth. The results did not come back with good news.

Decrypting the logs onboard the central ships computer confirmed the worst thoughts. This ship was just the first, a scout. It had sent a long-range message before impact. If the translation was correct, and it best be, the government had shelled out a million dollars for the best linguist and code breaker that could be found to work on the files, the message read ‘Third planet from the Sun. Harvest.’

Sixty-five years later and the silent war continues. The second ship came in 1948 and the R.F.I was barely ready. They are always one step behind the invaders but hold them back. Using the captured alien tech against them has proven to be the only way to stop them.

Captain Michelle Cortez is the current leader of the first division of the Roswell Elite, the toughest marines in the R.F.I. They have the most cutting edge weapons, armor and vehicles at their disposal and are the frontline that holds back the tide. Cortez has been with the unit for twelve years and has seen a lot. She is hardened, yet courageous, feared and respected in equal measure amongst her fellow soldiers. She is the best person for the worst job ever.

Locked and loaded Michelle Cortez will never go down without a fight.

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