#4 – Thud Cutliff

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I’m not going to finish, so I’m uploading my final ones today. I had fun anyway, but I have too many things I do in November.


Name: Thaddeus “Thud” Cutliff
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Medium Brown
Skin tone: African American

Thaddeus Cutliff runs the Dirty Business Gang. He wishes very much to be as successful as the Black Angels lead by Shaitan, but doesn’t have the business savvy, people sense, or cruelty to get to that point. That may change when his son, Ferguson, aka Big Frog, currently 11 and running the dog fighting, takes over.

The Dirty Business Gang will hire anyone from the other gangs and have contacts and business in every area they can. This lack of specialization means they are one of the most widespread gangs, but that thin spread also makes them one of the slowest to respond. The members are predominantly black and can be told by yellow plaid or bloody gloves.

Thud is a secondary villain for my comic series, The White Knight. Technically, the world it’s set on doesn’t have either Africa or America, but it’s a good shorthand.


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