#10 E’jo

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E’jo dangling a blue handcloth


Before her untimely demise, the renamed ghost E’jo was a prolific member of the Hikoto clan named Johime. Her royal status can be inferred from her gold-ish hue. She was one of the many Hikoto who traveled to the central mountains of Nippon to see the breathtaking ranges and surmise its livability for royal class. The Hikoto were a distant cousin to the Ao Lai-stationed Ou family and ruled with similar power in Nippon before they were overthrown. The beginning of their downfall began when the people of the northern islands fought the Hikoto for the same land. Johime was assassinated by an inside man, Nogada Shu; he killed her by choking her with the blue handcloth she gifted him. Now it has been said that her ghost torments the Nogada family. Eyewitnesses and victims say that she attempts to smother Nogada people with the same blue cloth that killed her.

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