#11 E’me

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E’me with a bell tail


Born into the Ao Lai-ruling Ou family, Ou Mefang was one of the first Ou to be born in Nippon and rule there. Her yellow accessories and gold tinge are evidence of her royal birth, and her very brown hair, while common amongst Ao Liese, is said to be only found in ghosts of the Ou family. She was said to be a sweet and quiet woman in person but a strict and rather unforgiving ruler. However, in her earlier years as ruler, she was kinder. Mefang hated idle behavior and distractions; during her more peaceful years, she was a large advocate for strong work ethics. Her policies led to the ban of radios in the Nippon workplace. Seven years into her rule, Ao Lai mainlanders revolted against their feudal lords and set fire to a half dozen mainland settlements. She became something of a tyrant in order to scare her subjects into obedience. This did not work as well as she wanted; before her death, she was the victim of three know assassination attempts. The second attempt on her life was said to cause Mefang to have a near-death experience. Ghosts who have had near-death experiences are said by Ao Liese to have bells attached to their person once they actually do die. The fourth assassination attempt on Ou Mefang was successful, and now she is said to haunt her old castle during the Month of the Dead.

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