#14 “Hong Kong” Freddie Wong

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#14 "Hong Kong" Freddie Wong

You really don’t get a nickname like “The Black Electric Phoenix” unless you’re kind of a bitchin’ dude. And that’s precisely what Freddie Wong is.
A Wing Chun Prodigy, his dayjob isn’t much of a secret amongst the people of the neighborhood. Typically, he’s the guy the local crime boss calls in when you’re behind on a few “protection” payments & you need a little bit of a reminder. A reminder of the kung fu variety. It’s not a job he’s particularly proud of, mind you, but a job’s a job, & at the end of the day, he feels he conducts business in a pretty fair, professional manner.
Still, he started feeling like he was beginning to wear out his welcome around the very area he grew up. At least until the 109th Kumite was announced. Freddie registered & suddenly, the people of the neighborhood started looking past his criminal transgressions. He went from local thug to home town hero overnight. He thinks it may have a little something to do with the fact that he’s favored to get pretty far, according the some of the local bookies. That is unless his cockiness gets the better of him. Still, the same shop owners he beat down will cheer him on, as the further he advances, the more they can brag about being bullied by the best.


Even though he’s certainly not the most elaborate character I’ve done, he might be up there as one of my favorites. Right before the challenge, I was thinking about doing a story that was a throwback to 80’s martial art tourney movies, as I have a great love for them. Still, I always hate how the main Asian dude in everyone of them is this super spiritual, quiet monk like guy almost every time. Right, I get that they’re supposed to embody all of the positive virtues of martial arts & everything, but it’s almost always that same kind of dude. Or a white or black guy thinking he’s that dude. So I was looking to do something different. Freddie here’s a bit of a punk, & maybe he finds a bit of redemption, but he’s not some boy scout through & through. Chief sources of inspiration were the fixer guy in Bloodsport & Dennis Dun in John Carpenter movies.

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  1. treyjackson says:

    Ha! I like this guy a lot. And his belt buckle.

    Also, it’s weird that we both did characters with rhyming names today.

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