16 – Xaldar the Night Serpent

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Xaldar is the progeny of Dendar, the original Night Serpent. How she gave birth, given the fact that she is the Queen of Nightmares (and the only one of her kind) has beings all across the multiverse terrified and puzzled. Xaldar is a manipulator of desires, who speaks in dreams and trances, but seeks for freedom in the world of the living, much like his ancient and devious mother. For her part, Dendar, who has destroyed both the planar naive and the champions of the Astral realm, and ultimately seeks freedom from the Beyond as well – seems to be almost proud of her son, matronly and advising, if not bullying and cruel.

In this age of ‘end of the world’ prophecies coming to light, this one was not supposed to be Dendar’s fate- She was to be the Eater of the World, Leviathan, the Great Destroyer, in the faith of the Chultish and the Chulquean.

She was not supposed be the Virgin Mother…

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