#27 Migtal

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Real name: Damon Townsend

Height: As Damon, he’s 5’4 and  as Migtal, 6’0 Weight: 227 lbs.

Age:17(Damon),Unknown(Migtal)  Race:African-American(As Damon)

Location: New York, NY

Migtal(Mig is short for Mighty and Tal is short for Mortal) is my unique take on Captain Marvel/Shazam.

Damon is your typical teenager who has the power to become Migtal,  the world’s mightiest being on earth. He has the powers of all the Olympic gods. He calls upon a particular god’s name and he uses his power. For example, he can call on the strength of Atlas by calling his name out loud.

Powers: The power of the gods at his disposal.

Personality: Confident, self-aware.

Category: 2012, Participants, Superhero

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