#14 E’ji

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E’ji smoking from a bottle


As a man from the Xiu Janyang Province, the late Soo Jiyung was a reserved, opinionated but well-meaning scholar of Ao Lai history. People rarely saw him, but when they did, they described him as slightly cold even though he was intelligent and wise. He even had a wife who said Jiyung may have barely loved her more than his work. Shortly before his demise, Jiyung was said to have stated that he was at a historical breakthrough in his research. In one of the most mysterious and shady murder cases in Ao Lai history, Soo Jiyung’s charred remains were found in a ceramic bottle not a week after that. To this day, no one has found the murderer(s), a provable motive, or even the scene of the crime, though speculation dictates that he was about to uncover something in Ao Lai history someone didn’t brought to public knowledge. Even so, many agree that he haunts the Nation’s Library of Ao Lai, floating amongst the aisles of books, saying, “It’s a lie. It’s a lie.”

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