#16 & #17 Peanut & Rasmussen: IWF Tag Team Champions

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#16 & #17 Peanut & Rasmussen: IWF Tag Team Champions

While they may be a bit more unconventional than other pairings, the gruesome twosome of Peanut & Rasmussen have held the Infernal Wrestling Federation’s Tag Team Championship belts longer than any other competitors. The two were born to compete together, quite literally. While in the womb, Peanut (the hulking brute) tried to absorb his twin brother Rasmussen (the brains & horns of the operation), but Rasmussen proved to be a little too resilient.

Now, the two function as one unit, with the impish brother able to disappear & reappear at will anywhere along the other brother’s brutish frame.  In the ring, this leads to a multitude of diabolic double team situations, not to mention the occasional, well-calculated eye gouge, low blow, or even horn poke when the ref isn’t looking. None of the other teams in the company can stop them. The only thing that might bring about their downfall is their general dysfunction, as the two constantly bicker & argue.

Oh, & maybe Rasmussen’s rampant drug problem out of the ring, which concerns Peanut greatly.


Now you may look at this & be like “Really? Two characters? I think you’re just trying to get two characters out of this just so you can reach 30!” And you know what, you’d be right. Sue me. Originally, it was just the one guy. I wanted to make a wrestler but felt it needed to be more than just a wrestler, so I made him this kind of monster like dude as well: Hooray, monster wrestler. But as I started drawing him I thought “What if he’s so badass he’s World Champion AND World Tag Team Champ on his own? Or what if he’s like Master Blaster from Thunderdome? Or what if his partner was attached?” That somehow became, the partner swims through him where he’s needed & that’s how they’re tag team champs. The sledgehammer is a nod to Triple H, though retrospectively, probably pretty ineffective in a world of monster wrestling. Still I kept it in because I thought it was pretty good at establishing scale. I kept having issues with the skin tone but I’m pretty happy with the final result. Originally, I was trying different variations of dark grey but it kept blending in with the pants.

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  1. erwin says:

    this is soooo dope man. the idea of the IWF makes me want to watch Mutant League

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