#16 E’oo

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E'oo holding the Eye of Ao LaiE’oo holding the Eye of Ao Lai


In life, Chion Oowing was a treasure hunter, and a clever one. He was not always in it for the money: he loved to record the historical artifacts and study their aethetic beauty. A famous collection of treasures in Ao Lai consists of the many artifacts buried by Ao Lai and her allies, and the one that held his interest was what native Ao Liese call the Eye of Ao Lai for its vivid violet hue. As with many treasures, he was not the only one after it. Others tried to capture this treasure and sell it; during Oowing’s time, the jewel had only been buried for a few decades, and it hadn’t yet gained the status of national treasure. Oowing wanted to find it first to ensure its protection. He did manage to outwit the others many a time. The race for the Eye of Ao Lai was long and brutal, and in the end, Chion Oowing was killed by the opposing hunters. However, thanks to his ingenuity, he had safely hidden the Eye where still no one has found it. They say he can be seen wandering the sites where he tricked his opponents about the location of the Eye of Ao Lai. Every place he’s been seen, there has been extensive mining in order to find the Eye. No one has found it so far.

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